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The Clampdown by Rick White

‘Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude.’  – Zig Ziglar ‘They put up a poster saying we earn more than you, we’re working for the clampdown.’  – The Clash I turn down the radio in my car – talk radio – some crappy awful phone-in show providing a platform for the permanently incensed,

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FICTION: Hell by Rick White

On the morning of the funeral, Raymond rises as usual and urinates laboriously. With effort, he contracts his bladder to try and maintain a constant stream. His aim is off, and he renders splashes of yellowy-brown water across the antique canvas of the bathroom floor. It seems to be taking longer to piss these days,

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FICTION: Dog-Face Malone, meet Linda by Rick White

I’m in a hospital waiting room, squinting against the poisonous iridescence of the 30,000 watt strip light which illuminates this purgatory and sears itself painfully in to my hungover brain. There’s the usual accoutrements; uncomfortable plastic chairs, out of date magazines, slumping elderly people and a strange sort of play area designed to amuse small

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