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BOOK REVIEW: Elevation by Stephen King

Elevation is a great book. It is of course written by the master of horror Stephen King, so we are already quite excited about what is on offer, but with Elevation we have King at his oh so weird and oh so pleasant. Elevation is not a straight out horror, let me get that on

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BOOK REVIEW: Flight or Fright edited by Stephen King & Bev Vincent

Flight or Fright brings together 17 turbulent tales which will strike terror into those who especially have a fear of flying but will quite frankly scare the pants off of anyone who has ever been on a plane…these stories will get that grey matter ticking, whirling it into overdrive so it resembles a greying custard

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BOOK REVIEW: I Am Legend – The Folio Society Edition by Richard Matheson

When you decide to read I Am Legend it’s great to have a bit of historical perspective of a literary persuasion which aids in lifting this novel from a generic genre piece into a ‘classic‘ genre piece, and with that in mind, you discover that Matheson deserves all the adoration and praise for such a

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