Every time I start a review about a short story collection, I say the same thing. I say […]

Mary Shelley (2018) is not the story of Mary Shelley’s life, despite the title. Her life was one […]

‘I walked in on my first shift and was met by the manager, Hakan. He was a little […]

Cover design from The Folio Society’s edition of Steppenwolf illustrated by Dan Hillier ©Dan Hillier 2018 The Folio Society’s […]

Short Review Tuesdays Are Just As Bad is a fascinating book, from the vibrant eye catching cover through […]

What happens when your father dies: when you are 7years of age – how does this affect the […]

The quality of the writing here announces itself from the start: Frances had waited…for the static to disperse […]

Short Review Beyond the Odyssey follows the ongoing adventures of Elliot a young boy with big dreams and […]

Parenting can be difficult, it can also be fun, it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done […]

We read to experience lives entirely different from our own. If you’ve ever been curious about what it […]