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The Devil All The Time by Donald Ray Pollock

‘Some people were born just so they could be buried.’ The Devil All The Time is a sprawling, gritty, powerhouse of a book that follows the lives of a handful of characters as they fight to survive in the town of Knockemstiff and the surrounding towns of Ohio and West Virginia. The opening of this

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Does it take a non-American filmmaker to make a truly American film? Does an outsider’s eye see more keenly? Past efforts by outsiders like Alfred Hitchcock, John Schlesinger, and Roman Polanski provide compelling evidence for this argument, and now British director Steve McQueen’s latest film Widows can be added to that list. The story goes

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If there’s something strange, In your local B&B, Who you gonna call? THE INNKEEPERS. Another underrated film that may have slipped past your horror net, Ti West builds up characters and tension rather than jump scares and the usual horror tropes – definitely a ‘catch it if you can,’ this Halloween month! Check back with

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