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A Gem By Clare Owen

“But what about love?” said Elspeth from underneath the table. She was riffling through a sack of knitting yarns. “I love that love plays no part,” he replied whilst taking off his linen jacket. He gave it a quick brush down and hung it on the back of the door. “Have you eaten yet?” She

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When English Teachers Fall in Love By Brandon White

His students argued that he should take the day off. Answering emails at 10 PM on a Saturday was unacceptable. Two students created a PowerPoint and presented it to him and the rest of the class—the theme–It was time for him to find a social life. Middle-age was not scary. They used the Toulmin Model

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Bakersfield by Vanessa Bernice De La Cruz

The sunflowers were blooming somewhere far away and Belen sat in Tacos Mexico fantasizing about quitting her job. Again. Angel was in the bathroom. They were waiting for their food. Outside it sprinkled and someone was talking about dust storms. They were far from LA. Ok. Not too far. Maybe two hours. But the mountains

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