Sentience is as often as not a state of mind . . . a point of view . […]

Clarke parked the bin trolley on the promenade and took a seat next to Richard on the bench. […]

William and Sherry It was his idea; hefoundthe websites, downloaded and studied the information, made an appointment at […]

The flash flood hit with a vengeance, forcing water down from the top of the moor in torrents. […]

I dreamt one night, clearly and vividly, of my tomb. At least I thought it was my tomb. […]

The young policeman stumbled out of the bedroom, reached the stairs and started to retch. The stench still […]

“In statistics, missing data, or missing values, occur when no data value is stored for the variable in […]

A woman who’d just gotten on the bus said to Manuel, “Wait, there’s a geezer through that open […]

Paulson flopped a leg lazily over the side of the bed, his large big toe swirling around on […]

Yes, I’m—well, I’ve been trying to do just that, Jackie, if you would give me the time to […]