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The Perfect Bottle by Timothy Ryan

To the Satellite Beach I keep the pieces on my desk, fitting them together as an opaque, incomplete lens.  Collecting them from one and another shore and soul across the world they merge into a single story like a flawed memory.  I like flawed memories because they can be unintentionally hilarious, often misdirected, sometimes tragic

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Three Parrots by Andrew Stancek

The parrot squawks, “Smell like crrrap, farrrt, farrrt, farrrt.” “You’re silly,” Aunt Elvira tells me. “He’s a sweet bird and would never say anything inappropriate.” Aunt Elvira is my favorite human but she forgets a lot, and her hearing is worse every day. Sometimes she calls me Vlado. That was her husband, who used to

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NASH MAN by Francis Duffy

Pity on passing faces, like I’m dumb for doing what smart guys avoid. Females at first smile on seeing a spiffy young male standing tall alongside the ramp up to a west-bound highway. Short hair parted left and combed flat with white sidewalls. Pale Oxford shirt tucked in, belted dark chinos, thin black necktie, shined

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