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BOOK REVIEW: This Dreaming Isle edited by Dan Coxon

There is so much with This Dreaming Isle to marvel at, from the inception of the remarkable concept from editor Dan Coxon, to the beautifully haunting image that wraps itself around the book. The list of authors that grace the cover and offer remarkable and memorable stories, each showcasing a mastery of the short story

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BOOK REVIEW: The New Uncanny Edited by Sarah Eyre & Ra Page

Right, straight off the bat – this collection is insanely fucking good! Now I have got that off my chest…to showcase the type of brilliance you will be getting here lets take a small interlude of Ra Page’s introduction to The New Uncanny. In his famous essay of 1919 – the reason we’re all here

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EXCLUSIVE – This Dreaming Isle – Kickstarter Launch Interview

Today Unsung Stories launch a Kickstarter campaign for This Dreaming Isle, an anthology of short stories exploring British folklore and local history. We asked editor Dan Coxon about the concept behind the anthology, and the stories we can expect to read. – Tell us a little bit aboutĀ This Dreaming Isle? This Dreaming IsleĀ is an anthology

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