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BOOKS: STORGY Summer Reads

With summer just round the corner, it’s time to stack your TBR piles with exciting upcoming books. My picks include diverse and buzzworthy books catering to fans of all the major genres. Perfect Little World by Kevin Wilson- This much anticipated novel of the author of the acclaimed The Family Fang is about a scientist

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BOOK REVIEW: You Don’t Know Me by Imran Mahmood

This sharply inventive novel opens with an unnamed defendant who sacks his lawyer and is about to give his own defence speech. This man has been accused of the murder of a young gang member named Jamil. Based on forensic and circumstantial evidence, this is a clear cut, open-and-shut case which convicts him for the

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BOOK REVIEW: Boundary by Andrée A. Michaud

I love reading crime fiction but too often, I find that they lack depth and a three-dimensional narrative. Most of the books in this genre feature facile storylines where the sole purpose is to solve a stimulating case. We are presented with a perplexing crime scene and taken on an adrenaline pumping chase to catch

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