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Shallow Creek: And The Winner is…

So here we are. It seems like it was only a few weeks ago when we launched the Shallow Creek competition, inviting people to enter the quirky town where anything could go. We’ve read some amazing stories along the way – we’ve laughed, we’ve cried and more importantly we’ve been left with disturbing imagery and

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BOOK REVIEW: Manfried the Man – written by Caitlin Major & Illustrated by Kelly Bastow

When I was first sent Manfried the Man, I didn’t know where to begin. One – I’d never really read a graphic novel before [that is what Manfried the Man is] and two, I had no idea how to review it. Do I talk about the illustrations [which are wonderful], what about the plot? How do

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FICTION: Form and Void by Justin Vibbert

In Texas they called it an arroyo but up north it was just a dried up creek bed. Like colonial cobble stone running through the forest. In the spring and fall water would run north south underneath the old route 28 bridge in Eagle Bay, like a great iron skeleton, its belly fashioned out of

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