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Murmured in Dreams by Stephen Bacon

Stephen Bacon is a writer of mostly horror short stories. He has one previous anthology, Peel Back the Sky, published by Grey Friar Press in 2011. In this collection, published by Luna Press, most of the stories have previously been published in magazines and anthologies including Black Static, Cemetery Dance, Crime Wave, and several Best

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Ormeshadow by Priya Sharma

Well, here at STORGY we’ve been following the career of Priya Sharma with great attention and her collection All The Fabulous Beasts was a highlight of our recent reading – which let us just add went on to win the Shirley Jackson Award for singled-authored collection in 2018. So, when we heard that she’d upped

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BOOK REVIEW: All The Fabulous Beasts by Priya Sharma

All The Fabulous Beastsis a hauntingly beautiful exploration of the depths of love, loss, and relationships. Priya Sharma’s first collection of short stories offers up tales of cursed lovers, hags, mermaids, snake people, bird people, plant people, and killers. These stories show the true mastery Sharma has over fiction and delivers a gut punch of

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