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BOOK REVIEW: Humanagerie Edited by Sarah Doyle & Allen Ashley

‘Inspired by notions of the animalistic, Humanagerie is a vivid exploration of the nebulous intersection between human and beast […] these thirty-two poems and thirteen short stories explore emergence and existence, survival and self-mythology, and the liminal hinterland between humanity and animality.’  Edited by Sarah Doyle and Allen Ashley, Humanagerie is a collection of quality –

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BOOK REVIEW: Where the Road Runs Out by Gaia Holmes

Gaia Holmes’ third collection with Manchester’s ever-reliable Comma Press is a bittersweet gem. Writing mostly in a kind of disciplined free verse, Holmes runs her eye across a wealth of strange material, exploring the private dreams of pylons, the curious properties of sinkholes and how best to react when transforming into a sea horse. Yet

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BOOK REVIEW: Don’t Call Us Dead by Danez Smith

If anger is an energy, then so is love. This collection, a much-lauded finalist for the American National Book Award, comes fizzing with both. The author, Danez Smith, is a vibrant young black poet whose writing flows most often between tender, elegiac confessionals and the incantatory charge of the performance pieces for which he is

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