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BOOK REVIEW: From The Wreck by Jane Rawson

A unique take on a traditional science-fiction novel, From the Wreck showcases Rawson’s skill in all its glory. A tale of life, grief and loss, and overcoming something much bigger than yourself, the novel shifts perspectives perfectly and never loses its delicate momentum. It differs from the ocean-themed novels that readers may have come across before,

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BOOK REVIEW: The Shepherd’s Hut by Tim Winton

Some writers tell tales of what people do. Tim Winton’s stories mine a deeper seam and play around with the notion of why people do the things they do. From poor Lester Lamb in Winton’s best-known work, Cloudstreet, forever seeking to atone for the accident that damaged his son, Fish; to the enigmatic, haunted Luther

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FICTION: A Tempest by Joe Treasure

Awake, Fay stared through the windscreen. They’d stopped moving. The headlights showed a dirt track arched with trees, the branches in frenzied motion. The noise of the wind reached her faintly through the glass. Indicator lights ticked on the dashboard. The vehicle was tilted towards the passenger side. It was a Kolkata Leopard, barely six

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