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BOOK REVIEW: Find Momo Across Europe by Andrew Knapp

This little book is perfect for sitting on a small coffee table. The photography is so beautiful you could just sit for an age flicking through the pages. Find Momo Across Europe is a lovely photographic journey across the Mediteranean, Europe and Britain. If anyone has visited any of these places you will recognise them

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BOOK REVIEW: Sparks – An Adventure in Street Photography by Stephen Leslie

The intersection between literature and photography is a place I like to occupy.  Photos are a catalyst for words, words a catalyst for photos and once converged, the energy within their relationship can be dynamic. Stephen Leslie’s ‘Sparks – An Adventure in Street Photography’ is just that. This startlingly beautiful risk of a book is

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HAM FREE PRESS: The Ham Issue 2

The Ham is an online and in-print journal attempting to showcase the best in short-fiction, poetry, art, and photography, by writers, artists and photographers that don’t yet have developed careers. The Ham  is based in Peckham, but the journal can be found in a number of independent bookshops, cafes, and pubs around the UK, or ordered

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