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One Good Eye By Phebe Jewell

When I wake to find my left ear missing, Mother tells me not to worry. “I’ll sew you a new one,” she mimes, hands imitating a needle and thread. I shrug. I don’t mind losing another ear. All I need is a good eye and a steady hand to hold my paintbrush. I’ve survived three

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Artist Folly by Tammy Breitweiser

The latest fight started over bananas. I like to keep brown bananas in the freezer for the banana bread I never get around to baking. Who knew the yellow fruit would be controversial? In the beginning of romance nuances are regarded as “no big deal” when you are enamoured with his perfection. This is the

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FICTION: Various Kisses by James O. Heath

1 ‘I would have called his friends, but . . .’ ‘He doesn’t have any’ was almost the response, but instead, Robert kept quiet. He didn’t want to admit that his son had made no friends at college, and, after all, that was the very reason his wife had not finished the sentence. They had

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