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FICTION: XII The Hanged Dog (Dog’s Nightmare III) by Padrika Tarrant – Exclusive to STORGY!

Round the back of the new-created Primark, suspended between concrete and sky by a scaffold-pole, between the Tarot and the truth, a dog turns slowly in the rain, hung by electric cable, suspended by one hind paw. The angels think it’s a right old wheeze. The shop is young still, and tender, held up by

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INTERVIEW: Padrika Tarrant

Padrika Tarrant Padrika Tarrant was born in 1974.  Emerging blinking from an honours degree in sculpture, she found herself unhealthily fixated with scissors and the animator Jan Svankmajer.  She won an Arts Council Escalator prize in 2005.  Fates of the Animals is her third work, following Broken Things (Salt, 2007) and The Knife Drawer (Salt,

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