Tag: Only A Paddle

FICTION: Watermoon by Elena Malkov

A large, square window dominated the front room. Under it stood the dining table. An antique sideboard laden with cut crystal bowls and vases hugged the opposite wall. There was no curtain or blind to shade the window, and in the afternoon, its geometric profusion of light overwhelmed the small space. When rain poured, it

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FICTION: Deadhead by Victoria Briggs

After a morning spent calling piñata companies, and having her custom refused by every one, Rosalind was resigned to either constructing her own or doing without. How hard could it be to make a piñata? She assumed there would be tissue paper and paste required. There would be paints. Paints she could always hustle from

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FICTION: Only A Paddle by Amelia Mason

Kae flung the trout into her canoe, then heaved herself over the side. She did not stop to rest. Sitting idle with blood’s scent trailing in the water was a sure way to get killed. She did not pause even to bind her arm where the trout had bitten her. It could bleed safely into

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