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FICTION: Three Postcards from the Trumpocalypse by Gareth Dickson

I When he heard the explosions as he drove into camp, First Lieutenant Leonard Klein naturally assumed, it being Friday, that there was a hoopball match on. Hoopball was a slightly misleading name, as it did not involve a hoop at all, and though it was in part a throwing game, it did not involve

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FICTION: Abominable Casebook by JL Bogenschneider

once upon a time . . . Ø ø  :     Early morning and called to investigate a multiple murder & suicide «first reports»     It was November and the kind of wintercold thought lost to childhood : blu’black a.m.=sky with low sodia that ran around residentials and parallined roads, but all equalling one thing : inhabitance    

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So here we are. Welcome to our new website where reader title submissions are turned into short stories which will send your senses down shit creek without the crack. Every fortnight readers will submit titles which they would like to see turned into short stories and the contributors at STORGY will have seven days to

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