* Topless and potbellied, Elmer glugs on a beer. He is sprawled across the butterscotch sofa. Still, he […]

* Reggie troops down the aisle, sweeping up the remains of a wilted bouquet. He pushes petals into […]

* Reggie spots Maria’s corn cart steaming on the sidewalk. He sees buttered cobs, silk, pails, root beer, […]

* Reggie waves to the receptionist. Jo Jo leans through the fingerprinted Plexiglas window. “Your father came to […]

With gratitude to Chelsea Station Editions and Michael Graves, we are honoured to present the first Chapter of Michael’s […]

Luiza Sauma Luiza Sauma was born in Rio de Janeiro and moved to London with her family when […]

Quirk Books and STORGY are joining forces for a rather ‘Peculiar’ giveaway! (UK entrants only) To celebrate the DVD, […]

Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them begins with an introduction – by way of dramatic effect – to […]

The Hidden People is a novel firmly steeped in the Gothic tradition, with Victorian-styled prose that explores the […]

Sometimes the change in tone, in storyline, of a novel can be so unexpected, so jarring, that the […]