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BOOK REVIEW: Business As Usual by Gaynor Jones

Gaynor Jones has been making waves in the flash fiction realm for a while now and is a remarkable talent in that field, she has been published in a whole host of fabulous magazines which specialise in the flash fiction genre and last year was also voted the Northern Writer of the Year. So when

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BOOK REVIEW: The Unauthorised Biography of Ezra Maas by Daniel James

Who is Ezra Maas? Is he Daniel James the author of this ambitious fiction (or is it non-fiction?)? Is he a real artist? Is it a fake name that a group of artists hide behind? Or did James make him up for this book? These are some of the questions that’ll follow you as you

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BOOK REVIEW: How The Light Gets In by Clare Fisher

Every time I start a review about a short story collection, I say the same thing. I say how they are a thing of beauty – a snapshot of life, held between one or three pages, maybe fourteen or fifteen – and that truly great short story collections transport you everywhere and anywhere, from one

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