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Ross Jeffery’s Best Books Read in 2019

It’s been a busy year again here at STORGY and I’ve been reading everything and everything yet again – from the big hitting publishers to the brave publishing of Independent Presses (which are putting out some astonishing works of late) to some self published works. Not to mention the hundreds of short stories I’ve read

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Best British Short Stories 2019 Edited by Nicholas Royle

Who doesn’t like an anthology? I have a penchant for themed anthologies mostly, as I sometimes find anthologies which collate a load of stories together seem a little disjointed,  choking the flow to other stories, jarring and hampering my enjoyment (ever so slightly may I add). But what we have here in the Best British

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BOOK REVIEW: Ornithology by Nicholas Royle

Years ago, I read Royle’s first collection of short stories, Mortality, and thought him too in thrall to JG Ballard, and if Royle hasn’t totally come out of Ballard’s short story shadow in Ornithology, he does reach more convincingly for his own form and style. In ‘Unfollow’ we get the alienation and anonymity of the

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