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Comedy Minus Distance By David Gerow

Anyone who’s seen City Lights by Charlie Chaplin will remember that heartbreaking final close-up when the Tramp realizes he’ll never be loved. He chews his fingernail, scrunches his eyes and smiles pleadingly/pathetically at the woman he longs for. We’ve been laughing for 80 minutes as he’s endured homelessness, beatings, persecution, all hilarious in wide shots

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BOOK REVIEW: Social Creature by Tara Isabella Burton

From the outside all may appear dazzling, golden, dripping in sequins and sprinkled with glitter, but look inside and there is darkness, murkiness and depravity. Take hold of Social Creature and turn its pages and you may find yourself twisting and contorting out of shape as this tale pulls you through its competing visions: it

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