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Savage by Dan Soule

Set within the backdrop of London and where gangs rule the streets, we soon discover that there is something even worse than those thugs wielding shanks, gang members peddling drugs with machetes and the robbing of children’s youth. Something evil is prowling these streets, something that has been wandering the earth with an insatiable thirst

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Ross Jeffery’s Best Books Read in 2019

It’s been a busy year again here at STORGY and I’ve been reading everything and everything yet again – from the big hitting publishers to the brave publishing of Independent Presses (which are putting out some astonishing works of late) to some self published works. Not to mention the hundreds of short stories I’ve read

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Neolithica by Dan Soule

Since the passing of James Herbert and the gradual decline of Shaun Hutson’s power as staples in the British Horror Scene. I’ve been hankering for someone to step into that rather large void; which has been left vacant for some time now, by in my opinion two of the brightest and loudest voices that we’ve

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