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The Dancer’s Walk By Franklyn Ajaye

My name is Deja Blue, and I’m a sax player.  My dad was a sax player too.  You might’ve heard of him.  The late, great Noah Blue.  He’s the one who named me.  When I asked him why he named me that, he said, “When I first saw you, you reminded me of a sad

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The Great American Songbook By Charles Deemer

What’s new? How is the world treating you? For the third morning in a row, Tim found the woman on a stool at the end of the counter, sipping coffee and apparently doing a crossword puzzle. From his table across the way, and since she was wearing the required mask, it was difficult to know

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BOOK REVIEW: Music From Big Pink by John Niven

I came to John Niven’s novella with only a vague awareness of his work (plenty of people have recommended reading his best-known work Kill your friends, which I intend to do) and of the main protagonists in the story, The Band (a distant variation of whom – as a ‘greatest hits’ Bob Dylan fan – I saw

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FILM ARTICLE: Studio 54 The Documentary

Readers who grew up in the 70’s may well remember the historic Camp David meeting – engineered by then President Jimmy Carter – which successfully brokered a peace treaty between Israel and Egypt. Almost 40 years later, the summit’s legacy is impossible to determine; in 2018, peace in the middle-east still seems something of a

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BOOK REVIEW: Disco Sour by Giuseppe Porcaro

In Giuseppe Porcaro’s Disco Sour a major civil war between the different nation states of Europe causes an odyssey of self discovery and battle for democracy. Europe is broken up, only being held together by The Federation, a group of civil societies and local governments. Bastian Balthazar Bux is the lead chair of The Federation

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MUSIC: Cream With a K

STORGY takes pride in seeking out new literary fiction from across the globe – as well as showcasing film reviews and other cultural items of interest. Our mission has always been to showcase artists and shine a spotlight on their work. On our travels we occasionally come across revered talent from different works of life

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THE PAPERCHAIN PODCAST – Series 1, Episode 8

EPISODE 8: Tom Hyatt “It’s like the song is passing underneath and you stamp down and make an impression in the vinyl with it.” A few months ago Daniel made his way over to the banks of the Thames to chat to Tom Hyatt. Tom’s a folk musician, which marks a first for the podcast.

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A funky little playlist for those Friday feelings! Enjoy Playlist by Rob Pearce

MUSIC: Happy Happy Joy Joy

HAPPY ALMOST WEEKEND STORGY READERS! Here’s a little mix to make you tap those Friday feet! *