Bindlestiff is one of those books that took forever to read, forever in a good way…I just didn’t […]

‘Do you know anything about witches?’ Remakes – a good or a bad thing? The case for the […]

After a fourteen year hiatus following the mixed reception to Jurassic Park 3 – a period during which […]

Synopsis: Centers on a man named Sam (Garfield) who becomes obsessed with the strange circumstances of a billionaire […]

As I was walking to the train station with my girlfriend the other day, I turned to her […]

Centred on the life of former 1991 and 1994 U.S champion and Olympic figure skater Tonya Harding, and […]

Folk horror’s modern roots, especially in cinema can be traced back to a handful of films, Blood on […]

I don’t particularly like going to the movies with kids. I find the experience fairly draining as I […]

SPOILER WARNING! “Based on a true story.” Words that often make the prospective viewer’s heart sink. Somewhat to […]

The American Independent scene is a far-cry from the soaring heights of the early 90’s, and the strong […]