In the lead up to Christmas, we’re once again inundated with consumer marketplace tat that we don’t need […]

Arrival is the next Science Fiction blockbuster on the block – or so I thought. Much in the […]

Welcome to Broken Britain 2016 We open on a black screen. What follows next is an increasingly frustrating […]

A slow and boring ride If you’ve ever been drunk on the commute (guilty) you’ll agree that time […]

If you go down to the woods today… In the early 2000’s, Japanese horror was at its pinnacle […]

‘Bone Tomahawk,’ is a bleak but elegant novelty – the kind of Spaghetti Western film layered in Sergio […]

The Anti-Hero & Re-Inventing Horror Horror is changing. It’s a natural progression. Generic conventions are stretched and adapted […]

The Shallows…lacks bite. Surfing alone on a paradisiacal beach that you don’t know the name of and no […]

Something Wicked This Way Comes…but gets diverted through mediocre town.   Rob Zombie’s directorial efforts are a mixed […]