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2 Days to go for Shallow Creek Crowdfunder

You may be aware that during the last few weeks our social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram (@morestorgy) has been spamming a certain anthology we’re going to be releasing early next year. Shallow Creek will be a speculative fiction anthology with some of the field’s newest voices in the field, alongside masters of

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Shallow Creek Teaser

Welcome to Shallow Creek… You’ll never want to leave. We’re counting down the days until May 31st when we’ll be making a BIG announcement. So stay tuned…


Elani has grown up in violence. It surrounds her. It inhabits her father and lives on every face in her neighborhood. But Elani has learned a trick: watching people’s hands. If she carefully observes how someone carries a mug or a phone or a bottle, she can spot that subtle difference between holding and wielding.

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FICTION: The Dog Walker by Yen Radecki

Melanie turned her back to the balustrade, cupping her phone with one hand to shield it from the glare. It was late summer, and late enough in the day to be cool at last, with the sea breeze kicking sand into the air and leaving a fine spray of salt and damp on the seats

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FICTION: ‘Here’ By J. Ray Paradiso

So, to be, or not to be: It happened w-a-y back, at least 30 Hanukkahs, nigh Dutch Reagan’s Tear down this wall, before household staples like MiraLax and Viagra and Rogaine. But – I need a swig of H2O – not so long ago – slurp  – for me to forget how this prince landed

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FICTION: Carnival of Colors by Kathleen Glassburn

She’d painted the buildings bright white, posted signs, and advertised in county newspapers as well as the Minneapolis Star Tribune, that the farm was for sale. 1970. A new decade. She felt ready to start a new life. Her only offer for the land came from Midwest Farmlands, Inc. Trembling as she signed the papers,

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FILM ARTICLE: Hollywood & Sexual Assault

On October 30th, Kevin Spacey came out as gay, choosing, as he put it, ‘to live as a gay man’. He also, in the very same statement, halfheartedly acknowledged the allegations of sexual assault, specifically those from Anthony Rapp, who claimed Spacey had made sexual advances on him in 1986, when he was a minor.

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I was recently asked to describe myself using one word. It was during one of those atrocious team building exercises strategically devised for maximum discomfort, filled with vacuous buzz-words peppered throughout every other sentence like ‘Synergy,’ ‘Coaction,’ ‘Bonding,’ and the worst of all, ‘opening your flappy mouth hole and speaking with people you work with.’

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STORGY’s Basement of Horrors! – Return to Horror High

“Stab…you’re it!” Anon It’s Halloween! Not only do we have our last review of the BASEMENT OF HORRORS showcase – (Return to Horror High) we also have an essay on our STORGY.com page about gender and women’s roles in Horror by Emily Harrison – check out her article over there today! We’ve had a lot

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STORGY’s Basement of Horrors! – Among The Sleep

“Sleep, those little slices of death. Oh how I loathe them.” Edgar Allan Poe It’s the penultimate BASEMENT OF HORRORS before Halloween! We hope you’ve had fun over the course of the month watching reviews, retrospectives and some gaming with us, so for our last gaming session this month we’re playing as a child who

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