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The gunshot rang out through the empty club as silence slowly reclaimed her hold on the room. It was done. Weeks of only catching minutes of sleep, every meal being whatever would fit in one clenched fist but I had done it. The Fenchurch Crime family was no more. Gregory Fenchurch still twitched at my

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Britain and Italy Through the Prism of Horse Racing

Exploring a country’s heritage and history through its equine culture may seem like an odd angle for documentary films. Yet two recent films, Palio and Dark Horse: The Incredible True Story of Dream Alliance, have done just this and have managed to capture two very different societies through two equine cultures. Palio is a documentary

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BOOKS: Best Reads of 2016 – List by Ross Jeffery

The Trees by ALI SHAW Ali Shaw blew me out of the water with this book. The quote on the cover says ‘Does for Trees what Hitchcock did for Birds’ and it’s his visionary mind that brings this world to life. One could easily imagine that this fictional world had been created by the great

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