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Basement of Horrors: House Retrospective (Part 1)

I love Halloween. For me, October is simply an excuse to binge-watch a bunch of horror movies from yesteryear and distract myself from the real horrors of the outside world. And, like all of us this year, I really needed cheering up. It’s been proper ugly out there of late. There’s fuckface von Clownstick Donald

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FILM REVIEW: Pacific Rim: Uprising

If you’re expecting scripted exchanges parallel to Hamlet or Macbeth, you’re probably in the wrong cinema screen. If, however you are expecting to see giant massive robots fighting humongous monsters interspersed by dialogue that doesn’t get in the way of the carnage…I’ve got news for you: you’re probably going to have a good couple of

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FILM REVIEW: The Shape of Water

Guillermo del Toro is man out of time. You can imagine him working comfortably in the Universal backlots in the 1930’s, alongside James Whale, building lofty magnificent sets and packing them with incredible actors; producing heartfelt and beautiful creature features. His best films, The Devil’s Backbone, and Pan’s Labyrinth map fairy-tales to gory Spanish war

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