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Tender Cuts by Jayne Martin

Jayne Martin’s collection of micro fiction, published by Vine Leaves Press, is billed as ‘tiny tales for the time challenged.’ It features thirty-eight stories, none of them longer than 300 words, some of them much shorter. Martin began her writing career as a TV screenwriter. She’s been publishing flash fiction for about ten years and

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Confit by Thomas Benfield

Onto the dense undergrowth of stunted hay stalks and wide leafed grasses, a pheasant I shot shouldered its graceless fall.  I remember we, that bird and I, were in a clearing on a hill. The surrounding woods had long since turned their colors and shook off their dead growths. The sky was clear. The air

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Duck Sang-Froid by Gareth Durasow

‘The Husband & Wife’s Lung is magnificent.’ You take Ruben’s advice. He orders the Duck Sang-Froid. Your waiter wheels over a bulky apparatus. It has a cylindrical body, enormous funnel, a hand wheel, and a spout. The moment he’s gone, you ping! the apparatus with your dessert spoon. Ruben’s smile collapses so abruptly it’s like

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