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Jimmy Toussaint was a man of opposites. I knew him as a fraud and as a Santeria Wizard, as a friend and as a betrayer.  In the end, he might have claimed the same in relation to me. We met outside the Hotel Ontario near the Zocalo in Mexico City and formed a cult of

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The Kid By Ian Critchley

Joe levelled the shotgun at the two men approaching on horseback and tried to hold steady. He’d shot bottles and jackrabbits but never a man, though they weren’t to know that. They were going to see him pointing his gun and think he was an old hand. The men were hazy in the heat. They

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FILM ESSAY: Hold The Darkness

Darkness at the Edge of Town Jeremy Saulnier’s latest film, Hold the Dark is his most overt Western so far. His previous films, the murky revenge Blue Ruin, and punks vs Nazis masterpiece Green Room have flirted with the genre before, taking inspiration from the westerns of the 70’s (Green Room’s origins can be traced

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