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BOOK REVIEW: Unthology 10 by Edited by Ashley Stokes and Robin Jones

Published by Unthank, Unthology 10 is a revelation. In more ways than one. If you haven’t heard of Unthank Books or their aptly named Unthology then where have you been? This is the question I asked myself as I began reading. Perhaps it’s because I’ve only recently (in the last five months or so) sunk

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BOOK REVIEW: The Giftmaker by Mark Mayes

In terms of adaptation, the fairy tale has a strong claim to champion, considering the sheer number of reinventions, modernisations and bastardisations of the original source material. Brothers Grimm, Andersen, Perrault, Shahrazad, Apollodorus – parents of so many grandchildren that they wouldn’t recognise half of them. In an arena of countless papier-mache reworkings, it is

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FICTION: The Cure by Mark Mayes

i. It was the line of those hills seen from a distance that started it. At first, purple-grey in the fading evening light. From their vantage point of the bench, dedicated to Thomas J Pyne, Who Loved this View, that Tuesday evening in late August, they watched them change, become almost as one with the

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