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Two Turtle Doves and a Partridge—To Go by Mark Halpern

Yes, Virginia, there was a Santa Claus. But he died for our sins. “Thank you Amazon Japan,” said Edward to his iPad. He’d purchased a foot stool—bland, functional, cheap—without visiting a store. Thank you was just words. Edward felt no gratitude. Stores were the biggest rip-off, especially department stores. But Edward tolerated their prepared-food kiosks,

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FICTION: The Golden Mean by Mark Halpern

…any kind of mixture that does not in some way or other possess measure of the nature of proportion will necessarily corrupt its ingredients and most of all itself. – Plato, Phlb 64d. Attributed to Socrates. Kimiko accepted meeting at fixed regular intervals. In return, I tolerated some rather unusual proposals. Foremost among these was

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FICTION: Cool Japan by Mark Halpern

Midnight found Eriko clicking away mercilessly on the icon above her in-tray. An email appeared Subject-line: Do Message: Hot sent by Hitokoto-san, Mr. One-Word. What everyone called the Weather Editor. Obeying the command, Eriko finished analyzing the raw data and used every remaining minute for writing and micro-editing. The afternoon edition would report that during

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