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Pond Weed by Marie O’Shea

Mingled with the aroma of plug in air freshener and the chemical lemon of floor cleaner was a faint but unmistakable whiff of putrefaction. Bob forked an undercooked piece of broccoli into his mouth, chewed it the requisite number of times then swallowed. Across the table, Blaise and Rita were locked in conversation about plastic

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Finding a Way by Diane Simmons

I think it’s safe to say flash fiction collections are a somewhat rare commodity. And unless you’re immersed in the world of flash – both as a reader and writer – it can be difficult to find collections that truly explore the different ways in which flash can be done. Of course, you can stumble

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FILM REVIEW: A Love That Never Dies

On the surface, A Love That Never Dies could be interpreted simply as two grieving parents (Jimmy Edmonds and Jane Harris) mourning the loss of their son, who died in a road accident whilst holidaying in Vietnam, by using documentary to express and cope with an indescribable pain that no parent should ever have to

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