I can’t remember the first moment Sally Rooney came onto my radar. One minute, I knew nothing about […]

The Kinship of Secrets tells the tale of two sisters: one raised in the United States, the other […]

Phoning in sick wasn’t hard to do when you were being a phony. Not that I would have […]

To truly capture the essence of this book, I am going to write a review of only 100 […]

We lost the window in our room today. It wasn’t transparent, only translucent. Even so, the light it […]

The Fungus is a romp of a horror story, mixing black-humour with a classic Promethean horror motif of […]

You know how it goes. You meet a girl, she’s great, she’s the one for sure. After a […]

Eagle-eyed literary enthusiasts may have seen a couple of brightly coloured paperbacks in their local bookshop recently, most […]

Palu: Sulawesi July 12th. 2006                                                                                                                               Early morning. I found the boy yesterday. Even now, still jet-lagged, listening […]

She will present me with a thin sheaf of paper after hinting at its existence for days. She […]