No, mate. Whatever she’s told you’s rubbish. You don’t know the half of it. Guess what they say […]

The machine is a shining oblong, with a slant of window running along one side. Through this, a […]

What if you aren’t the hero of the story? This is hands-down the best fantasy debut I’ve read […]

On the morning of the 26th Mr. Withers sits at his kitchen table spreading chocolate truffles on toast. […]

The world is besieged by natural disasters, a disease that affects only the young is spreading, and tragedy […]

1990 Sleet slapped against the windscreen, the wiper-blades squealed. Warm stale air was gusting in through the van’s […]

Agree or disagree: Most adults don’t remember what it was like to be young. We must leave our […]

Quite often there are times when I feel lucky that I got to read a certain story. Maybe […]

Sara’s coworker Rita puts hands on hips and assumes a mock frown. And why aren’t we in school […]

An entertaining collection of essays that is hard to put down and forget about, Duke Haney’s Death Valley […]