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Lockdown routine (3 per day) By Jack Swanson

3 cups of coffee. That’s maximum. 2 is preferable. And none after 4pm. 3 sets of press-ups (20 per set) 3 sets of sit-ups (25 per set) 3 sets of squats (15 per set) 3 times to go outside. That is also a maximum. Once to run and once to shops. If you feel a

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FILM LIST: Top 10 Sporting Underdog Films

To celebrate the release of the Award-Winning British comedy Gloves Off which is available On Demand now and on DVD from 1st October, AR:PR have created the Top 10 Sporting Underdog films. The list is a collection of films with characters that you just can’t help but root for, that despite their shortcomings, you’re willing

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