Salt Blood by T.C. Parker

T.C. Parker delivers the creeping unease of past masters with a story that is as beguiling as it is terrifying – Salt Blood is a story that keeps on giving from the very first page! Salt Blood is an interesting concept for a book and one that seems far removed from the brooding cover (although

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Home Remedies by Xuan Juliana Wang

Another urgent and powerful collection from Atlantic Books. Xuan Juliana Wang provides us with a gripping and impressive collection. A collection that is told in three distinct parts – Family, Love & Time and Space. Each part of the book focuses on real lives, circumstance, immigrant life, the loss of culture, the fading of the

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Lot by Bryan Washington

This book quite literally blew me away, knocked the wind out of my lungs and had me crawling amongst my tattered dreams of wanting to be a writer – because, you see, Bryan Washington is the writer I want to be. Washington delivers a beguiling collection of intimate portraits of the lost and silenced voices

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