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An Invitation to Darkness by Hailey Piper

An Invitation to Darkness was a beautifully written gothic romp of a book and I bloody loved it. The setting itself is truly magical and in Piper’s hand she turns that magic into black magic – the darkness swells in this story and it pretty much comes out of nowhere. Was I ready for the

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The Strange Thing We Become and Other Dark Tales by Eric LaRocca

Two of these stories had appeared in a limited edition (now super rare book) ‘A Bright Enchanted Suffering’ which Eric pulled from publication at the very moment it was about to go live. So I’d read those two before, but I was very excited to see if the other stories he’d been compiling would stand

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Salvation Spring by TC Parker

I’m a huge fan of westerns, they remind me of lazy Sunday afternoons with my father, we’d watch them all – the good, the bad and the ugly (pun intended). Some of my favourite were High Noon, True Grit, High Plains Drifter, Bad Day at Black Rock, Shane, The Searchers, Bone Tomahawk, Unforgiven, The Magnificent

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