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Flash Fiction Competition 2019 – Finalists & Winners

FLASH FICTION COMPETITION 2019 Thank you to everyone who entered the competition and made the judging process such an incredibly inspiring and rewarding experience. We are immensely grateful to all of you for submitting and continuing to support STORGY and all the authors we publish. Without further delay….we are proud to reveal the selected finalists

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Rite of Passage by Laure Van Rensburg

She had never seen a naked man before. She had glimpsed unclothed parts in isolation at the local pool, parties, the back seat of a car but never a fully assembled body, all parts only covered by skin and hair. Until that night, when she learned you never forget your first time. Spotting an opening

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FICTION: Did You Know? by Laure Van Rensburg

I looked it up once in the dictionary — earthquake (noun): a sudden release of energy. We had our share of them. The first time we had sex, a small earthquake rocked our bed and another the city of Los Angeles. We were oblivious to the earth’s orgasm, too busy with our own, until the

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