Tag: Killing by Candlelight

FICTION: Rewind The Film by Dan Patton

It is said that true darkness is simply the absence of light; it possesses no texture, no subtlety, no poetic license. But this dark is more t­han absence. Imagine: The inky blue-black of a starless night; the womb-like static of dreamless sleep. Soon there will be time and with it narrative, but first time needs

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FICTION: Interview with a Button-Eyed Rabbit by Dan Patton

You’re sitting on a grown-up chair in a small room, arms folded defiantly on the table in front of you. Opposite you, Mr Rabbit is asking the questions. It doesn’t take a genius to guess that this is not going to end well. “Max, how old you were when Jakey pushed Beth down the stairs?”

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