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BOOK REVIEW: Billionaire Boy by David Walliams

Short review: A book about what really matters in life. No, not money. Not chocolate. No, not Mindcraft either. Billionaire Boy is a story about love and friendship and the things money can’t buy. The book manages to be heart warming and hilarious at the same time and in equal amounts. It’s a really special

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FICTION: Kids by Ashley Goldberg

When I was nineteen, I worked in the Woolworths deli. The one in the Malvern Central Shopping Centre, near the Baker’s Delight where on Saturdays you could buy Finger Buns, sprinkled with hundreds and thousands, from the skinny redhead with braces. She’d pluck the biggest one, with the most cream, from the case and tuck

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FILM REVIEW: Ferdinand

I don’t particularly like going to the movies with kids. I find the experience fairly draining as I spend most of the time making sure they’re OK, checking if they’re having fun, if it’s not too loud, if they can see OK and if they’re not scared by the monster on the screen…then there’s the

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