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The Whole Ball Of Wax by Kathryn Kulpa

It was the summer of earaches. Sweaty nights when it hurt to lay my head on the pillow. Days on the lake, riding Tara’s raft, swimming races through warm brown water. Her parents owned the lake house. We didn’t think about algae blooms or sewage runoff or industrial pollution. Three boys in a canoe made

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Split by Kathryn Kulpa

When I met him my life split down the middle. Before him and after him. Like history, B.C. and A.D., except I never understood why, if B.C. means Before Christ, A.D. isn’t A.C. After Christ. The first time we had sex I thought I would split in two. I felt my body pushed to some

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When Darth Vader Was My Boyfriend by Kathryn Kulpa

When Darth Vader was my boyfriend I let a lot of things slide, but I knew we were broken up for good when I texted him that I couldn’t meet him at the show that night because my father was in the hospital. ☹, Darth Vader texted back. Later he posted concert pictures. I saw

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