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Greensmith by Aliya Whiteley

Penelope Greensmith, a divorced, cardigan-wearing, lonely bio-librarian, is responsible for a vast seed bank made possible by the mysterious Vice she inherited from her father. One day she receives an unexpected visitor: the charming Horticulturalist, who wants to see her collection. He thinks it could hold the key to stopping a terrible plague, which turns

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Little Feasts by Jules Archer

Jules Archer is the author of the chapbook All the Ghosts We’ve Always Had, published by Thirty West and regularly publishes flash fiction in a variety of magazines. This tiny collection of nineteen flash fictions features a ‘menu’ instead of a contents list and is focussed on tales of hunger, appetites and cravings. Many of

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FICTION: The Foreign Gentleman by Kate Tyte

The residents of Mrs Craddock’s seaside boarding house all agreed that the gentleman lately installed in room 13 was a foreigner. This much was obvious for he spoke no English, was very brown and had peculiar habits. Mrs May complained that he always passed too close to her on the stairs, which put her in

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