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Stargazy Pie By John Simes

“Don’t forget to polish the oji, Zak.” Elaine Flaherty looked up from her computer. “We don’t want to upset the Iroko man!” Elaine smiled and turned back to her thesis. Jerry was in the greenhouse. “OK, mum.” Zak sighed and wandered through the kitchen into the garden, plucking the can of cumaru oil and a

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Wilmott – A memory from school days… by John Simes

Wilmott was a bully. He had a shock of dark hair, and dark brown eyes. He was suntanned, had polished football boots. He was fine-boned and agile. He had a smart leather wallet. There was a photo of a girl in it. He stood upright and confident. He would speak to the masters ingratiatingly and

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