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All Of Them To Burn by Beau Johnson

A huge thank you goes out to Well Read Beard – why have you not subscribed to his YouTube channel yet, you are missing a trick. So I’ve made it easier for you, just click here and have your mind opened to a whole host of indie writers you’ve not heard of but need to

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Transference By John Bowie

I have to say that I’m not a huge crime fan, I’ve read my fare share of books in this field but it’s a genre that doesn’t really excite me, that was until I discovered John Bowie’s first book Untethered (review can be read at the bottom of this post) part one of the Black

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MILBURN’S LAST CLASS by John Bowie * Ms Milburn’s classes left me disheartened, humiliated and without words…spoken anyway. One day I snapped and took the lead. I wasn’t alone – most of us kids felt the same. She ruled us with an iron fist. Other teachers joked she could get an inch below the knuckle

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