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Pieces of Us By Jess Moody

When Josh knelt and presented the ring, the first question Hélène considered – other than the obvious – was, “am I going to have to kill his mother?” So far she’d mastered her rage. Three years of the relationship, two and a half trying to extricate him from the strange, devious little woman who bore

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ANNIHILATION RADIATION: Shortlist Announcement

We are pleased to commence announcing the shortlisted authors and winners of the ANNIHILATION RADIATION Short Story Competition. After much deliberation and debate, over the course of the next eighteen days, we will be announcing the entrants who were selected for inclusion in the shortlist, followed by confirmation of the three winners. Every day at

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DAY 2: Family Dinner by Jess Moody

On the 2nd Day of Christmas Jess Moody gave to me… Every kitchen surface is covered, and levels are rising. A failing round of Tetris, I’ve reached cascade failure. Pans, baking trays, congealing white sauce, knives nonchalantly lying blade up. I’m about to get the meat from the larder. Approaching laughter – like clattering silverware

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