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FILM REVIEW: Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

After a fourteen year hiatus following the mixed reception to Jurassic Park 3 – a period during which the tentatively titled Jurassic Park 4 underwent many re-writes and changes – the Jurassic Park franchise came roaring back from extinction with the commercial juggernaut that was 2015’s Jurassic World. While a flawed film with a poor

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BOOK REVIEW: Mayhem & Death by Helen McClory

The quality of the writing here announces itself from the start: Frances had waited…for the static to disperse from her daughter’s personality; the obscuring details of herself that got between her and other people and then, shortly after, a storm cloud poured into the shape of a girl. These are the kind of short stories

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FILM REVIEW: Isle of Dogs

There are two Wes Andersons: the first I like, the second I don’t. The first is one of contemporary cinema’s most gifted directors. Visually, his films are never less than breath-taking: Freeze any scene in an Anderson film, and its striking enough to be framed and stuck on a wall. This is why great actors

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