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BOOK REVIEW: Judderman by D.A.Northwood

‘Your brother’s with the Judder.’ If you are not aware of The Eden Book Society – where have you been? Dead Ink have been able to obtain the rights to their back catalogue and are releasing titles over the course of the year, with each one being a macabre little slice of horror. There is

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BOOK REVIEW: Lair by James Herbert

‘Lair’ is the sixth novel by the greatest and most prolific English horror writer of all time, the man needs no introduction so we will jump straight in and look at James Herbert’s sequel to The Rats (1974). Herbert returns to the world of Rats, big fecking rats with an axe to grind. His first

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BOOK REVIEW: The Rats by James Herbert

It’s London and the early 1970s. The city still bares the marks of the Blitz, peppered with rubble strewn bomb sites, and the flowery hope of the swinging sixties seems to have withered, poisoned by Britain’s industrial, economic and political decline. This is the backdrop to The Rats, James Herbert’s 1974 horror classic. In many

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