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NON-FICTION: Madness and Massacre; Chinese miners on the Victorian Goldfields by James Aitchison

Gold brings out the worst in humans, and nowhere more so than on the goldfields themselves.  In 1857, far from the prying eyes of the colonial government, European miners slaughtered their Chinese counterparts, destroyed their homes, stores, temple and equipment, and largely escaped justice.  Meanwhile, incarceration in barbaric mental asylums awaited other Chinese miners who

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NON-FICTION: The Maria Hertogh Case; A Cautionary Episode from Colonial Singapore by James Aitchison

To paraphrase W. S. Gilbert, the Muslim’s lot is not a happy one.  Nothing is guaranteed to quicken the pulse more than a negative Muslim headline.  But before we rush to condemn or condone the Muslims, the news media, or Western culture at large, an historical perspective exists to give cause for reflection.  If nothing

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