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Where the Start Sign Marks the End By N.K. Woods

The name on the grave still looks sinister. By day I can laugh off the coincidence and at night the mask of gloom obscures familiar details, but twilight and logic are natural enemies, and Iā€™m jumpy, all alone on the island in the lake. My faith in the plan fails, along with my nerve, and

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FILM REVIEW: Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

After a fourteen year hiatus following the mixed reception to Jurassic Park 3 ā€“ a period during which the tentatively titled Jurassic Park 4 underwent many re-writes and changes ā€“ the Jurassic Park franchise came roaring back from extinction with the commercial juggernaut that was 2015ā€™s Jurassic World. While a flawed film with a poor

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